Thursday, March 5, 2015

bear hunting

I am doing a response on a bear hunting I seen on YouTube called 'Idaho bear hunt .mov' this is a great bear hunting video it shows all the fun and history there is to bear hunting. it shows the love that's the dogs have for hunting that people don't realize. this is a genuinely good bear hunt that's lots of fun. i have always wanted to go bear hunting in Idaho but never got the chance. i think it would be fun because it would be different surroundings and different wildlife.     

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spring time in the mountains

Image result for calf brandingImage result for calf brandingOne of my favorite times of year in northern California is spring. I like spring because it is time to mark this years calves. Marking calves is when you gather all the cows with there calves and put them in a coral. After you put them in the coral you separate the cows from the calves you vaccinate the cows you do this by running them through a shout holding them from moving and give them wormer, pinky and other vaccinations. The calves you can rope or run them through a calve shout. I like roping better. calves you brand ,ear mark, ear tag vaccinate and cut if they are a bull.
some people say this is cruel, mean and unethical  but were else are you supposed to get hamburger.

There is a common misconception that organic beef is better and more healthier than natural beef but my personnel experience organic is not. how can a cow that does not get treated for sickness be healthier. Say that there's a person who has pink eye if you treat them properly it is going to go away and heal but if they don't treat it , it can lead to more serous illnesses or injury such as blindness. the difference between natural and organic is organic you can only worm once a year natural you can worm more than once and vaccinate for pink eye and other common illnesses in beef cattle. I believe that natural beef is healthy choice and lived a better life. 

Friday, February 13, 2015

How to hunt for pigs in northern California

Today I'm writing about how to hunt in northern California the cool way. One of my favorite types of hunting is hog hunting and although there are several different ways to hog hunt, I think one of the most effective and fun ways is to use dogs. I like hunting with dog because I enjoy training them and seeing the results from the hard work that you put in the dogs. Like there ancestor the wolf  Dogs have the natural instinct to hunt so with the right training and discipline  and you get them on the right animals you should have a decent dog.

The first thing is find a place with hog rutting. Routing is when hog use there snout to till up the ground to eat root. This is a major problem because it basically rototills the grass. This is a major problem for cattle farmers because with no grass, there's nothing for cows to eat. Where there's routing, there hogs so walk your dogs or dog through the area your dog should pick up a trail or wind. Once your dogs pick up a scent they should start barking to indicate they smell something. After they catch up the hog or hogs the hogs would normally stop in a gulch or in brush. You will no when you dog catches up with the hogs  because of there bark when a dog trails its drawn out barks and when they bay its short and choppy barks. Then you walk to the dogs sneak in were the dog are barking and pick a nice mature hog that's doesn't have piglets or is pregnant by picking the right hog it manages the population so you keep a healthy population..

Image result for hog hunting with dogs
Image result for hog hunting with dogs

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Book response

The book I'm responding to is Every Day History of Somewhere by Ray Raphael it talks about a little bit of every thing in northern California. it talks about the people, jobs, Indians and fish. I liked this book because it was in the form of stories so in was more genuine information. I also liked the illustrations and pictures in the book they really help you picture the place or people. It has many stories about different thing so it will interest many different people. I would rate this book a 10 out of ten out of ten because it covers a wide spread of information so there a little for everyone to learn about.                                     

Image result for northern california

Friday, February 6, 2015


Humboldt county California has had a rising use of methamphetamine use.It seems like every week there is a meth lab bust or explosion on the news. There is a large transit community in the Humboldt area that have a large contribution to rise in methamphetamine related crimes. methamphetamine also  leads to thefts, pollution in streams and water ways ,health problems and rising crime rates.  I think that there should be bigger consequence and more rehabilitation programs.
I believe that instead of letting people convicted meth charges sit in jail. they should be housed in a jail like rehabilitation system, were they learn how to live a sustainable life with out the use of methamphetamine and other drugs. I think that this will be more affective than sitting in a jail cell.

bearly legal review

I watched a video on YouTube called "Bearly Legal "the video is a northern California bear hunt. the video is called Bearly legal because the hunt was filmed on the last year that you could hunt bears and bobcats with dogs. The host explains the importance and tradition of bear hunting with dogs. Many people believe that it is mean but it makes for a more clean kill and you no if the bear has cubs or not because the bear goes up a tree and you have time to judge it and determine if you want to take it or not. This was a great video I think every body should watch it because it show the meaning of hunting with hounds even if you've never been before.

I liked this video because i enjoy hunting also . I think that hunting is an important resource that should be managed but not taken away by people that have never been hunting before and dont no what there talking about. I think that before anyone judges hunting or hunter they should go hunting them selfs.