Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Northern California
Where the mountains reach the sky 
Where the rivers run awry  
And the people have their own style
Where the ocean waves splash with a crash
And the salmon make their winter dash up the river
Where the redwood trees crash making slivers in the rivers.

where the redwoods sway and the ferns lay
 where the suns rays down on the earthquake shaken ground 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Northern California rivers

Today im going to talk about the rivers in northern California . I am passionate about the rivers in Northern California because they are a sustainable resources. The rivers of Northern California are home to many species of fish there are salmon, steelhead, trout and the unnative invasive pike minnow that devastates the native fish. the pike minnows have over run the northern California's rivers and streams they kill off the native steel head and salmon runs. they have also devastated the trout.There are also many mammals that dwell on the river otters,deer,bears and elk those are just a few of the many. I think that rivers are a resource that should be carefully watched and monitored.  

Friday, January 16, 2015

Northern California

Hello I am a high school student in the heart of Northern California . I love doing the activities that  Northern California offers like fishing, hunting and being outdoors. I am doing this blog to better my knowledge of Northern California and to share my knowledge about it. Northern California has a vast variety of landscapes from mountainous redwood and fur forests to flat grassy plains and beach estuaries . I am mostly interested in the history of the area such as Native American tribes, logging, fishing and how places got there names. I am also interested in the industries like logging ,fishing and cattle.

My family came to Northern California in the late 1800s from Spain. my great grandfather started as a sheep farmer in Mendocino county. he lost his ranch in the great depression. he then moved to Humboldt county and started working at the pacific lumber company as a black smith. then my grandfather was drafted in to world war 2 . he then started his carrier running equipment by building roads in Germany. After the war he bout a piece of land in Humboldt county and started building a house for my grandma after several year of living in a small cabin and having 5 kids 4 girls and one boy the house was done.My grandfather started running equipment for local logging companies. then my father got a job at the pacific lumber company and is still working there but for a different lumber company and my mother works as a teachers aid.

Nor Cal historical spots

   Today imam going to talk about some of the historical spots of Northern California. I will be talking about 3of my favorite places places Fort Humboldt in Eureka, fort Humboldt was built in 1853  To protect both Indians and one point Ulysses S Grant was commanding officer. the fort originally had 14 buildings but after it was decommissioned in 1870 it began to decay and now only one building stands. it is a wonderful place to learn about its history and enjoy the view of Humboldt bay.

    Another place in Northern California that is historical is the old  mining towns Weaverville and trinity center in trinity county. there are several museum's there that are great my favorite is the Weaverville joss house it is historical Chinese house of worship. During the California gold rush thousands of Chinese flooded to Weaverville. the original joss house burnt down in 1873 but was rebuilt in 1874. the museum has pictures,old mining equipment and much more historical artifacts about the area. The museum in trinity center is small but is jammed packed with historical pictures, mining equipment and old time house hold necessities. It also has tons of history of the making of trinity lake.

 My final favorite historical spot in Northern California is the historical town of Ferndale. Ferndale was settled in 1852 and has been known for dairy cows ever since its early days. The town is lined with old stores and shops. One main attraction is the old time theater that holds plays. after you go to Ferndale you can head out to Centerville beach cross were a ship headed from San Francisco hit a rock and killed 17 passengers and 21 crew members.