Friday, February 6, 2015


Humboldt county California has had a rising use of methamphetamine use.It seems like every week there is a meth lab bust or explosion on the news. There is a large transit community in the Humboldt area that have a large contribution to rise in methamphetamine related crimes. methamphetamine also  leads to thefts, pollution in streams and water ways ,health problems and rising crime rates.  I think that there should be bigger consequence and more rehabilitation programs.
I believe that instead of letting people convicted meth charges sit in jail. they should be housed in a jail like rehabilitation system, were they learn how to live a sustainable life with out the use of methamphetamine and other drugs. I think that this will be more affective than sitting in a jail cell.

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  1. Yes! I'm so tired of seeing people that have a drug problem, it saddens but yet angers me. I really appreciate your opinion, I do think that people should be housed in a rehabilitation center but sometimes those things just don't work. It doesn't hurt to try though! I'd like to hear about this situation more, maybe I'll read up on it!