Friday, February 6, 2015

bearly legal review

I watched a video on YouTube called "Bearly Legal "the video is a northern California bear hunt. the video is called Bearly legal because the hunt was filmed on the last year that you could hunt bears and bobcats with dogs. The host explains the importance and tradition of bear hunting with dogs. Many people believe that it is mean but it makes for a more clean kill and you no if the bear has cubs or not because the bear goes up a tree and you have time to judge it and determine if you want to take it or not. This was a great video I think every body should watch it because it show the meaning of hunting with hounds even if you've never been before.

I liked this video because i enjoy hunting also . I think that hunting is an important resource that should be managed but not taken away by people that have never been hunting before and dont no what there talking about. I think that before anyone judges hunting or hunter they should go hunting them selfs.

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